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EVE LOW LIFE Ep. 6: Price vs Value in EVE, PAPI Final Push(?) & Idiots bringing Real World Bias into our Game

This week we're joined by new co-host Johan Pendersen, as we talk about:

1. People bringing real-world politics and bias into EVE Online, and the damage that does to the community.

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More Reddit Linky

2. Big PAPI announcement.  Is WWB2 drawing to a close, or just more snooze-fest and Reddit spam?  Does FRAT hold the purse strings, and control the next move?  Will the NEXT blue donut focus on the ever-growing strength of FRAT?

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4. Oscar Wilde said, "Nowadays people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing."  We discuss how that in our current "ZKill mentality" within EVE, that can definitely be true....but how understanding the VALUE of a ship (no matter how inexpensive or pricey) should mean more to us as players than the price tag.

CCP Dev Blog

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Episode 5: Interview with Martin Lockheart of LHTC/Hardly Competent (Providence)

Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Martin Lockheart (Discord: Martin Lockheart#2044), CEO of Lockheart Trading Company [LHTC], head of the Hardly Competent Alliance, and one of the founders of the Kairos Initiative/Kairos Coalition.

We talked about his roots as a hi sec industrialist, the move to Low Sec, conflicts with Snuffed Out and Dock Workers, and eventually his role in the conquest of Provi and the fall of ProviBloc.  Furthermore, we discussed the challenges of going from a war-focused attacker to sov-holding alliance.  


Big thanks to Martin for coming on the show!




WILL YOU JOIN US? (LHTC recruiting video from back in the day)

In Memory of Binette Evingod (by Space Pope)


Low Life#4 June 28 2021: The $4.99 Unsub Movement, Low Sec Numbers, Stain Gate, and more

This week, Doc (Spence) flies solo as Chyph3r has been SUPER busy at work, so he gets all salty about Redditors and their complaining, the new CSM and a lack of Low Sec representation, and more.


We also briefly discuss the Binette Evingod memorial roam (more on that in a future montage show), as well as the challenges of Low Sec life/recruiting. 


Oh, and Stain is weird to roam....



INTERVIEW: CSM-16 Candidate ISAAC COLLINS (Low Sec/Pirate/Gate Camper)

Big thanks to ISAAC COLLINS who sat down with Chyph3r and I for a great conversation about life in LOW SEC from a gate camper's point of view.


If you'd like to know more about Isaac Collins' goals for CSM-16, visit his EVE-O forums post here:




NEXT PODCAST: Another CSM-16 Interview (Rixx Javix?  Mike Azariah?  Lets see!)

Low Life Episode 2: Interview with CSM Delegate Brisc Rubal (CSM-16 Candidate Series)

Rob and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brisc Rubal yesterday to discuss his candidacy for CSM-16 delegate.  We talked about his history in EVE Online (and other games), his experience, accomplishments, goals, and the successes and missed opportunities in the development and evolution of Eve Online.


Many thanks to Brisc for spending time with us on a Sunday when he could've been relaxing with his family.  We all definitely appreciate his dedication to our community!

NEXT SHOW: RIXX JAVIX FOR CSM-16 (Interview--CSM-16 Candidate Series)


BRISC RUBAL for CSM-16 Campaign HQ

Official EVE-O Re-Election notice

BriscGATE 'scandal'

Brisc's Twitter




Moron Rorqual Pilot Shit Fit

Dude...what were you thinking???????

LOW LIFE Ep. 1: CSM-16 Candidate Announcements, Snuff vs Rekking Crew, and The Fallen Capsuleer Memorial

Hey nerds! 

Thanks for tuning in to LOW LIFE, an EVE Podcast about LOW SEC life!  

In our 'pilot' episode, Chyph3r and Spence (Aradus Gunnell) chat about:

CSM-16 Low Sec (and anti-Low Sec) Candidates

Snuff v Rekking Crew (not just in game, but on the Reddit Echo Chamber, as well)

The Fallen Capsuleer Memorial in Molea (near Amarr Prime)


This episode is dedicated to the memory of:

VILE RAT (rest in peace, sir) (link)

IZZLER DAINZE (rest in peace, ma'am) (link)


Show Note Links:

Rixx Javix CSM-16 Announcement

RonUSMC CSM-16 Announcement

Phantomite CSM-16 Announcement

Isaac Collins CSM-16 Announcement

RC vs Snuff Battle (INN article)



NEXT EPISODE:  Interview with CSM incumbent BRISC RUBAL!  Stay tuned...

EVE Online News & Patch Notes for April 13, 2021

PATCH NOTES: https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/patch-notes-version-19-03

Notable Updates:

*Exploration locations added/updated

*Industry BPOs for modules and reactions seeded to NPC stations in preps for upcoming Indy changes

*ESS timers changed

*Jump Bridges added to route planning, but not working *yet*

*Empty asteroid belts 'removed'?



TOWNHALL MEETING: CSM-7 from 2012 (TEN EVEning News Archive)

Seleene, Elise, and other crazy discussion.  Originally aired in 2012.

At one point, they talk about Diablo and the movie Battleship....wtf????



Interview with the folks at SOMERBLINK.  Originally aired in 2013.




INTERVIEW: Sindel Pellaeon (TEN Evening News Archive)

A fantastic interview with one of my favorite people, Sindel!  Originally aired in 2013.



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