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LOW LIFE Ep. 1: CSM-16 Candidate Announcements, Snuff vs Rekking Crew, and The Fallen Capsuleer Memorial

April 20, 2021

Hey nerds! 

Thanks for tuning in to LOW LIFE, an EVE Podcast about LOW SEC life!  

In our 'pilot' episode, Chyph3r and Spence (Aradus Gunnell) chat about:

CSM-16 Low Sec (and anti-Low Sec) Candidates

Snuff v Rekking Crew (not just in game, but on the Reddit Echo Chamber, as well)

The Fallen Capsuleer Memorial in Molea (near Amarr Prime)


This episode is dedicated to the memory of:

VILE RAT (rest in peace, sir) (link)

IZZLER DAINZE (rest in peace, ma'am) (link)


Show Note Links:

Rixx Javix CSM-16 Announcement

RonUSMC CSM-16 Announcement

Phantomite CSM-16 Announcement

Isaac Collins CSM-16 Announcement

RC vs Snuff Battle (INN article)



NEXT EPISODE:  Interview with CSM incumbent BRISC RUBAL!  Stay tuned...