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Low Life Ep. 7 ”The Best Ship is Friendship” or Why PAPI Couldn‘t Kill Off The Imperium

October 14, 2021

Hey nerds!

Aradus flying solo this week.  I kind of decided to talk about how having a 'corporate culture' outside of EVE ONLINE is one of the strongest forces within the game.  We look at how the Goons approach to group membership helped them remain strong in the face of overwhelming odds, and how other groups can learn from that.

This is an episode to kiss the butt of the bee; we can all learn from the groups that have a solid, historical culture that they used as a foundation for their success.

If you are a corp CEO/Director, Alliance level leader, or whatever....this episode's discussion topic is important to your future success in Eve.

If you are a line member and dissatisfied with the level of interaction within your corporation, maybe this topic touches on why that is, and what you can do about it.


Thanks for listening.  We'll be going live from EVE VEGAS next week!