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LOW LIFE Ep. 9:Trying to Find the Positives In The NEW DAWN Patch Notes

November 13, 2021

Join Aradus, Smashies, Chyph3r, and Johan this week as we go through the new Patch Notes that were a major catalyst in today's Jita Riots.


NOTE: Many extremely intelligent people will be taking to media to talk about why this New Dawn patch is completely terrible.  While we don't necessarily agree with them, we set out with the goal of trying to find a 'silver lining' to the upcoming changes.  Hopefully, we presented a few.


We encourage you to listen to other livestreams, podcasts, and check out EVE Online news outlets to get a balanced view of these changes, and to see how some of the larger parts of this patch (such as compression/waste) can potentially lead to meta-altering effects in a very negative way.  This episode, however, does not focus on the math/details of that (Aradus isn't smart enough to figure that stuff out).


The Patch Post That Started It All